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Freelance Jobs Online - Where to Find Them

Whether you need to earn some extra money part-time or want to find lots of clients for your full-time freelancing business, freelance job sites online can be a great resource to build your income.

A freelancer is typically a self-employed person who works as an independent contractor. Operating independently, a freelancer can accept work from several different clients, often involved in multiple jobs at one time.

You can freelance in a variety of different fields. Your clients can be individuals or businesses. Jobs tend be short-term contracts, where you agree to complete the work for a set fee or rate.

Freelance job sites include work opportunities in a variety of different fields, including website design, graphic design, photography, video, engineering, administrative support, business consulting, marketing, legal, computer programming and software development, customer service and more. Below are some popular job boards for freelancers where you can find work.

Freelance Job Sites: