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Top Easy Work At Home Businesses for 2016

Make Money with Pinterest
Pinterest is a hot new social media site that is starting to get the attention of affiliate marketers and internet marketers because, guess what? Many Pinterest visitors go to the site to shop, and marketers can advertise their products for free. Find out how you can generate a full-time income using this fun website.

Become a Virtual Assistant
Offer business support services to busy executives and other small businesses - from the comfort of your own home! Virtual assistants do their work remotely - so many never even meet their clients face-to-face. Great line of work for people who enjoy administrative tasks. There is a growing need for this service, as companies are starting to outsource more and more.


Write a Cookbook
Writing and publishing your own cookbook or recipe book doesn't have to be difficult, expensive or even take a long time. Today's writers are self-publishing their works - in digital form - and selling their books on Amazon and other websites within months! Here's how...

Become a Freelancer
All sorts of companies need writers, but often they want to outsource the work rather than pay the high costs of hiring a full-time employee. And, with the rise of the internet, content development is becoming even more in demand. You do not have to be an experienced writer and you can take as many jobs as you have time for.

Make Candy Bouquets
Candy bouquets can be great gifts for virtually any occasion - and for all ages. You can even sell sugar-free or organic candy bouquets. These fun gift items are surprisingly easy to make, and you can start your own home-based business for very little money. 

Start an Herb Growing Business from Home
Mike McGroarty enjoyed gardening and started growing and selling plants from his backyard. Now he makes a full-time income doing it! He shares his secrets of how you can successfully operate a profitable plant-growing business on under a half acre of land.

Write Children's Books
For the creative and imaginative type, writing children's books can be a great way to make a living. Children will always need books to read, and there will be a constant stream of buyers wanting to purchase them. Learn the simple steps to take to get started - and actually write a book in less than 1 month.

Get Paid to Take Photos
This lucrative opportunity is helping people with little or no experience make $200+ a day from home. This work at home turn-key system is easy to follow, and there are many different ways you can make money in this field.

Walk Dogs or Take Care of Pets
Dog walking and other pet care jobs can be good-paying work. For weekend travelers, kennels don't come cheap, and they'd rather have their pet happy and cared-for at home. If you enjoy being around animals, a dog walking service is one that is easy to start - requiring virtually no skills or start-up cost.